What Should You Be Looking For In Campervans For Hire in NZ?

The Lord of the Rings saga provided New Zealand with the perfect opportunity to showcase its incredible natural beauty. The series did more for the New Zealand tourism industry than any marketing campaign could hope to accomplish and achieved as of this writing.

Immediately following the release of the first in the saga – The Fellowship of the Ring (which was released in 2001) the number of tourists visiting the country began to spike. Even though the last of the series – The Return of the King, saw theatrical release in 2003, the lure of New Zealand continued to draw increasing numbers of visitors. The release of the three movies in The Hobbit series, the last of which was released in 2014 once again brought the stunning scenery of New Zealand back to the attention of tourists from all over the world.

Today, New Zealand remains a firm favourite with nature-loving tourists from all over the world – and increasingly those visitors to the country are looking at campervans for hire in NZ.

Here are some very good reasons why exploring New Zealand in a campervan with Kiwi Motorhomes will be one of the best choices you will ever make when it comes to really getting to know the wonders of this magnificent country.

Firstly there is that incredible and varied landscape that is on offer on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Explore wonders like the Glow Worm Waitomo Caves, wonder at the enormous ‘Lord of the Forest – an enormous Kauri tree in the magnificent Waipoua Forest, take in the crystal clear waters of Lake Matheson at the foot of Mount Cook. The best thing about enjoying Campervans For Hire in NZ is that you will be able to explore at your own pace. No more package tours where you have whisked away to the next destination before you have had a chance to draw breath.

The second reason that you should be looking at campervans for hire in NZ is cost. It’s not dirt cheap – but you’ll have the opportunity to serve up delicious meals that you have cooked yourself – a great way to save on restaurant expenses. There are also free campsites for overnighting – once again a great savings opportunity. If you want to pay for that campground you will be amazed at the sheer variety and geographical spread of camping sites that are found all across New Zealand. This is a country that takes its commitment to tourism incredibly seriously. As a bonus, there are some attractions that are somewhat off the ‘beaten track’. Some of these are well worth exploring – for instance, the natural wonders that surround the small town of Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island.

In a nutshell, choosing the option of one of the many campervans for hire in NZ like Kiwi Motorhomes provides that most valuable of commodities Рfreedom. Freedom to go where you want and when you want. In a country that has as many natural wonders as New Zealand, the value of that freedom should not be underestimated.